If we cant recover your data you don't pay! You are only charged if recovery is possible.
Recover pictures, documents from failed or failing hard disks as well as password resets for Windows, Linux or SUN Solaris systems.

Your data is your most precious asset, in fact everything you do in a computer is directly related to getting, editing or archiving your data.
Unfortunately drives fail as a result of multiple factors be it viruses, user error, equipment failures, power surges, fire, floods, etc.

Let us help get your data back, in most cases all data is recoverable and can be back in your hand in the form of a DVD or on a new hard drive.
Now there are some cases however where requires a more extensive approach to extract data.

If we can retrieve your data from the defective hard disk we do have alliances with local clean rooms if you desire cost vary depending
on the efforts required, but in most cases were able to obtain your data without the need for a clean room and a greatly reduced price in comparison.